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Lake Lousie Road Repairs

05 Aug 2016 9:42 AM | Anonymous

UPDATE: (March 2018)

Although some repairs have been done to our road, it still is in really bad shape.  Please continue to let your representatives know that what has been done is a good start but not enough to make our road as good as it should be. 

Those of you that have driven Lake Louise Road recently have noticed that the Alaska Department of Transportation has done some major road repairs this summer.  The worst humps have been leveled out and lots of material has been brought in to fill the low spots. The road is in much, much better shape than it had been recently. To a large degree, these repairs reflect Yvette Delaquito's persistent efforts. Her communication with Rep. Jim Colver and AK DOT helped make this happen. We encourage the community to contact AK DOT with your feedback about the repairs. The DOT Tazlina District Superintendent is John Hoffman. His phone number is 907-822-4432 and his email john.hoffman@alaska.gov. Please share you thoughts! 


  • 08 Aug 2017 11:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    As discussed during our annual meeting on July 22, 2017, this is an ongoing issue with the condition of the road. Previous repairs didn't come anywhere near what was needed to e accomplished. Yvette Delaquito has stepped up to lead this effort for our community to get the road repairs done. If you have any assistance you can give or even just voice your opinion to our legislators, please give Yvette a hand.
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