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Winter 2015 News Letter. Please take a minute to read this news letter.

Fund Raiser for Glennallen School Wrestlers

Volunteers Needed

The Louise/Susitna/Tyone Volunteer Fire Department (LSTVFD) is recruiting volunteers for the newly formed volunteer fire department.   The LSTVFD is in need of firefighters and auxiliary members to help with administrative duties for the fire department.  All residents and property owners over the age of 18 are encouraged to apply.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Louise/Sustina/Tyone VFD is “to provide basic fire prevention, fire preparedness and fire suppression services for the lakes Community and to assist the Alaska State Troopers with search and rescue incidents in the area”.

Membership: Any property owner or resident of the LLCNPC Community over the age of 18 is invited to become a member of the VFD.  The VFD is actively recruiting new members to be firefighters and auxiliary members.

Organizational Structure: The VFD will be managed by a Fire Chief appointed by the Lake Louise Community Non Profit Corporation (LLCNPC).  The Fire Chief will appoint Deputy Chiefs for Lake Louise, Susitna Lake and Tyone Lake as well as Training and  Administrative Officers.  These positions will be responsible for and manage the day-to-day operations of the VFD under the umbrella of the LLCNPC.  Current Officers are:

Chief – John Hicks  259-4884

Deputy Chief (Lake Louise) Mike Fassler

Deputy Chief (Susitna Lake) Bob Rolley

Deputy Chief (Tyone Lake) Ken Perkins

Training Officer –

Administrative Officer –

Anyone interested in joining the LSTVFD should contact Chief John Hicks at 907-259-4884 or at for an application.  Applications are also available at the Lake Louise Lodge or online at

Join Now

Lake Louise Community Current Membership List as of August 2014

LLCNPC Annual Meeting News Letter July 2014

LLCNPC Treasurers Report July 2014

First Responders and Apparatus Resources 

LLCNPC Annual Meeting documents.  FY 2015 Project Work Sheet, budget, treasures report, and agenda from July 19 2014 meeting. Click here for the documents.
You can send in your FY 2015 project work sheet or any other comments or concerns to the board by emailing them at

Need a LLCNPC Membership form? Click Here  It will need to be mailed in.


 Check out the Web Cam hosted by Lake Louise Lodge on the weather page. A new image is uploaded every 30 minutes when our Internet connection is up and running.

here for your Lake Louise emergency responder contact information. Please print this and keep the information handy. 

Matthews Public Safety Building

Channel Safety

As an interim solution, community members have proposed using the Susitna/Lake Louise channel on 30 minute intervals. North bound traffic on the hour and south bound traffic on the half hour. Please see the attached flyer.

Has your address changed? Please email Yvette Delaquito with your updated contact information.

E.T.T'S  Urgently needed contact Mike Fassler at or call (907) 227-9235

Community By Laws

Articles of Incorporation

Board Meeting Protocol


Lake Louise and the surrounding area are home to a great variety of wildlife and birds.  It is the only known recorded freshwater nesting site for cormorants.  Lake Louise is the farthest north where the cormorant is found.  The nesting site is accessible by boat from all of the lodges.  Bird Island is also a rare inland nesting site for gulls.  The Lake Louise area is the summer home to thousands of trumpeter swans and other water fowl.  Caribou often spend the winter in the area and moose are a common sight around the lake and on the Lake Louise Road.

Lake Louise is fed by small streams and run off from snow and rain.  It drains into Lake Susitna, which in turn drains into Lake Tyone.  Lake Tyone drains into the Tyone River which flows into the Susitna River and finally into Cook Inlet.  The Susitna River travels through Devils Canyon and although a few rafts have made it through, it is extremely dangerous.  The water runs so fast through the canyon that salmon cannot traverse the route.  Consequently, there are no salmon in the Lake Louise basin.

Today, Lake Louise is home to several businesses, most of which are open year round.  Many people now reside in the area as well as many other people have recreational and weekend homes in the area.  Lake Louise, Lake Susitna and Lake Tyone have great fishing, boating, bird watching, hiking, biking, snowmachining, skiing, skating, hunting, Northern Lights viewing and is a great spot to relax and unwind.  Come join us and experience real Alaska at Lake Louise’s summer and winter playground.

WATER LEVEL:  Near All time high.


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